Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Too Cool For School

B is for BEE!

It's already 7 weeks into this semester and I just want it to end already! So far I am only making all B's in each class, I'm not complaining, I actually like that better than an A. I love all my classes but my god, homework is just the bane to my existence, I never have any motivation to do homework after school. Everything I get home I just want to sleeeeeeppp then eat. That's all I do, sleep and eat, repeat. But I must say, this semester of school has got to be my favorite, not only have I have the best professors, I've meet some super awesome new people at school. I know it sounds childish, but meeting new people always makes me feel.... idk, happy, lol. Corny, weird, stupid, or however it sounds, I just love to make new friends and seeing people faces. I can't not one day go without any social interaction (extrovert, if you can't tell :D, yay to me lol). 

Aside from the classes, today seemed to be my lucky day! I ran into Kim, one of my best friends who I managed to sweet talk into taking photos for me. (I have yet to find a photographer at a cost friendly price, especially for a struggling college student. Damn, I need a job, but no one wants me </3) So as always, I am currently using my i-Phone to take my photos, the quality is nothing to be wowwed about nor is it the best, but its the only thing I have to work with. Poor me. I need to go ask around and be more productive. Funny, I never have money to spend for the majority of things, but I always have money when it comes to purchasing clothing and related items. I know it makes no sense, but it happens. Must be the work of god or something all related. 

So as I was taking my photos, there were students walking by and I tell you, it is so awkward to do any sort of poses, most of what I took today came out looking awkward (you'll see below soon). But I have to thank Kimmy so much, I lalalalalalala loveeeeeee you! From Gotham City to here (Gotham City is fictional so it's equivalent to like infinity, at least to me it is.) I felt as if I've been cheated today! I never knew Kim could take photos, she took some pretty darn good photos or at least to my standard! It was all just a perfect day, minus the chilly weather, I'm a spring baby so I live in the 77 degrees warm weather, that is where I thrive. Once again, thank you so much Kim! She's suppose to be making me jewelry as a side business soon, can't wait until she gives me some of her craft pieces or is that consider a sponsorship? Since I am going to promote her business. 

Anyways, many have complemented me on my style today, I felt so cute and flattered inside (vain me). So here are the photos, enjoy guys. :)

Top- Button up and Cadigan from Forever 21 & Peacoat from Macy's // Bottoms- Wet Seal Black Skinnies // Hair Band- Forever 21 Blue and White Flexible Hair Bow // Shoes- Forever 21 Loafers

Friday, February 20, 2015

Galaxy Boy

Teaserrrrrr. Read or scroll down to see the photos, enjoy. I just wanted to share this edit photo I did. Lol it seems right. xD

Me and Ketsana woke up late today and got ready, snail pace. Half of our time consist of making stupid videos on Snapchat, OMG, I tell you it was so freaking funny! I was dying! God, we are so dumb. I swear, everyone who meet us always comment on our free spirit and energetic persona due to the fact that we're so laid back and down to earth, not to mention fun! By fun I mean crazy fun, like those friends who'll do the stupidest things just to get the vibe positive. But Ketsana is way worse than I am. She's like real "bad bitch" material and I'm basic. Big laugh there. So after we got done getting ready we waited on my mom and dad to return back from doing god knows what they do, it took them 20 freaking minutes! I kept blowing their phones up because I had to get the F out of the house so I can meet up with Ketsana's step mom and eat at a pho restaurant.

The reason I couldn't leave was because I didn't have the key to the house, there's only one lock and its the top lock. I know right, how stupid of a door to only have one key hole. After complaining to my parents and basically throwing a prince-fit they told me to go and make a copy of the key. Like wtf, why couldn't you guys have done that before but until now? Jeeze, I don't know what they're thinking something but they need to think ahead. I mean I'm not smart, but come on! So after I got the key from my step-dad, Ketsana sped to the pho restaurant with heavy traffic, I freaking hate traffic, so many people cannot drive it just pisses me off. When we arrived, we waited on Sao Va and she went to a different pho place, it just made everything worse. Me and Ketsana were already starving and when we starve we get angry and irritated at every little thing. Hulk-like or Lumpy Space Princess kind of angry.

But all was good the minute we arrived at the correct pho place and eat. I eat soooooo fast, felt as if I never hate before (I know I know, there are kids and people around the world who are less fortunate and I shouldn't take that for granted. But come on, first-world problem. Sorry if I'm selfish, I'm not, I swear!). After we ate we went to Wal-Mart and made copies of my house key, I made a Mickey Mouse key. Yay me, I love Disney so much and Mickey Mouse! I'm still a baby. I also bought a new lamp for my room and Ketsana bought me a shoe rack and got herself some Real Technique makeup brushes. 

I'm going to cut to the real fun, maybe some of you guys don't enjoy reading my nonsense and would rather see my pictures instead, so here it is. 

I'm out of this world, bitch!

Top- Hot Topic Galaxy Button Tee & Vintage Greyish Brown Jacket // Bottoms- Forever 21 Classic Skinny Ankles // Hat- California Snapback from Wet Seal // Shoes- Forever 21 Creepers

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

All About That Bass

NO! This is not about that Meghan Trainor song, despite the title! Goddd, I do not like that song but the title seemed perfect.

Late entry! I meant to make this post as my introductory mark for my blog long ago, but I felt that my other post seemed more fitting for a first impression type of thing and it felt more.... idk better lol. Now getting straight to the point, Excision had a tour and happened to appear in Tulsa for yet another year, February 12, 2015 *fist pumps*. ExcisionTulsa ftw! I saw him last year along with other artists who performed on the same night but except this time it was Prototype and Minnesota joining him (please excuse my bad memory, I'm not sure if they were the same artist with him last year... so yeah. If they were, ignore me and continue on). My god, the crowd was crazy and wild, even more so than last year! The music was so good that it had me in a euphoric state (no, I didn't do drugs prior to going. I was just tipsy.... maybe borderline drunk and that's ALL!). The bass was so strong and the hard-pumping beats kept my body wanting more and more, it even vibrated my every being! I swear, it was that strong. This show reminded me  why I love edm shows and the music in general. It's different from the music you hear in other genres, the dj's/artists that put on these electrifying shows do so in a way that connects with their audiences. It seems so authentic rather than a puppet who's strings are being pulled. I'm not sure if that made sense or not. But it does for me, I can't really explain them in text as I can in words.

I spent most of the duration of the night at the show with my cousin Ketsana and Alleyah. Those girls are so much fun to hang out with. I mean I normally hang out with my cousin Ketsana (we're practically inseparable and known for our expressive nature :P) but it felt so organic to also hang out with Alleyah. I mean, the last time I hung out with her was the first time I also met her: she was drunk. Plain and simple and still to this day she does not recall that night. A big LOL! God I love that girl! Girl if you're reading this post/blog know that I miss you and get back down to T-Town for another night of fun, me and Ketsana miss your crazy ass. I would also like to say, it was nice seeing friends from school and online at the show. I just love seeing people, I'm a social butterfly that'll never stop flapping its wings lol.
Gosh, I love friends and family. Eve and Christofer,  I love both of you cuties, forever and forever. I was so happy to randomly bump into you guys in the crowds. You two are so fabulous and kawaii and all that cute stuff.
But must I repeat myself, the show was intense! The ambient light shows accompanied by fogs effect and random people spraying water (and beer/liquor) to the crowd to cool the sweaty people was exhilarating. I just love the environment I was in! The floor underneath me felt as if I was in a trampoline house, but it also felt as if it were about to collapse due to so many people jumping. Writing this down is so sad, I wish I had time-traveling powers so I could revisit that show and experience it all over again. Sadly, all I can do now is brief my experience down. *sigh* What a pity.

A few pics taken at Excision's tour in Tulsa (excuse the different shades of quality within these photos. Photos were taken from a variation of different phones, some good and some bad).

Brought to you by Snapchat, hahahhaha. Why so serious? *shrugs*

I was to have found the Cookie Monster here.

Girls will be girls.

Me and Alleyah ♥

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sophisticated Amatuer

Starting today/tonight, this will be my first entry on this blog! Woohoo! Hahahah, very lame and cheesy, I know but please bear with me. Also I would like to say one thing before I ramble on more: please excuse the crappy camera QUALITY! I know so many who love pictures with the best quality there is, those captured by professional cameras and such. This was done last minute with an iphone 5 camera, so the quality of such isn't close to as what you would get with a Canon or Nikon camera. Sadly, I still haven't heard nears from a fashion photographer I emailed yesterday about inquires as to how much she would charge to start taking pictures for me and just working together to build a portfolio. 

Anyways this photo, as mentioned, was taken with my iphone 5 by my cousin Niko! Not too bad on his part, he managed to please me with his photo taking skills, since not many can actually take pictures when it is raining and freezing balls cold as well as being forced to do so :p I'm the best cousin I swear (hint hint: sarcasm). Anyways this day was all brought together by Auntie O, a very beautiful and sweet mother to my cousins. I swear to god she is amazing! So understanding and just plain o' cool, you know, like those one cool aunt that everybody has (possibly more) but she sure is one of them, for sure! She paid for six meals all at some high scale price (or at least I consider it so, I'm broke so bear with me, the name of the place is Logan's Roadhouse), that a broke ass college student such as myself would cringed at upon seeing the bill, especially if I had to pay for all six people! WTF, thank you, not! So thank you so much, Auntie O for buying me food! Cause you know I love to eat, thanks to my high metabolism that keeps me wanting MORE and MORE! I'm a fat ass, I may not look like it but I sure qualify as one.

Back to the point, this is my OOTN (Outfit Of The Night), ignore my canvas white face induced by flash and awkward poses. People were in and out of the restaurant, so it was really awkward and just plain embarrassing. But hopefully you enjoy! Love whoever takes the time to read this.... or NOT! :x

(The weather is now snowing and sleeting. GREAT!)

My cousin didn't want her face to be shown yet. So I replaced it with an equivalent image. xD lmfao.

Top- PINK Varsity Tee & JC Penney's Blazer // Bottoms- Forever 21 Classic Skinny Jeans (Grey) // Hat- Fedora from Wet Seal // Shoes- Forever 21 Loafers  

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