Sunday, May 31, 2015



I'm just kidding, my birthday isn't all that special, it was last year since it was also on Mother's Day lol. Damn those MILF though, stealing my shine and glory, reducing me to dust in the process. If you didn't know, I'm vain and narcissistic (I'm really not, I was channeling my inner diva, I promise I won't do it again anytime soon!). But aside from that, I've missed blogging, I feel so out of the loop and out-of-place that my skills, if I had any, are rusty at this point! UGH! But please bear with me, I'm getting back into my zone and vibe with the wonders of blogging! Anyhow, because I am rusty and shit, I'm just gonna cut to the point that I would love to thank my besties Ayisha and Kalima for taking the time out of their busy schedule to make it to my birthday dinner at Zanmai! I appreciated it so much and even both Dezi and Karina, dear friends of mines made it as well. Others were wither too busy or forgot (?) or maybe chose not to come, but I'm not mad or salty :p. Lol, and now straight to the point, I took pictures all thanks to the lovely Lauren, who I must thanks a billion times for making it out for me. Even with my hectic scheduele and what not she was so patient and nice that I couldn't ask for a more qualified and wonderful person to share the day with! Thank you Lauren for taking my pictures! And as always, I'm so awkward that I didn't know what to expect and pose (that one weird leg post thingy I did in many photos, as you'll see hahaha), aside from that my hair was messed up (I need a HAIRCUT! Which I will do this week!) thanks to humidity and sweat that ensured this day. But I did my best in stressed times (I finally know how anxiety and stress feels like LOL! Yay me, experiencing new things HAHAHAH). So here it is! ENJOY!

 Top- Los Angeles Boy Sweater from Forever 21 // Bottoms- Rue 21 Zippered Skinnies // Shoes- Metallic Gold Creepers/Platforms from Forever 21

Disclaimer: God, this updated post was horrible, but it's a start!

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