Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Make-Up Fever

Currently, I am very busy at the moment with work and Sephora training! Yes that's right, I got the job at SEPHORA, the most innovative place for all things beautiful and on trend. I must say that I am loving every moment of training that I have received by the beauty educators sent by Sephora! They are super nice and helpful, plus they treat us (my team) with gratis (free goodies)! So how cool is that?! Not only am I getting paid to learn but also I get free stuff! I can't say how much I love this company! You know what? I might actually stay with the company for some time in the future and work my way up into corporate and hopefully become their spokesperson or something along that line that lets me meet with different powerful figures behind some of the most prestige brands, like Nars, Benefit, Ole Henriksen (skincare, not make-up), etc.

Personally, although I am starting my first beauty job with Sephora, I can already say that nothing can compare and never will, I feel as if other contenders such as Mac and their counter-top stores pale in comparison, both in selections but also the ethics behind such an advance beauty company. Sephora training is by far the most easiest yet intense training I have ever been through, although it is the first training I've been too. But the lasting impression that Sephora has given me has made me a lover even more to the company than before. I feel as if I can never part with the company because it is so tailored with advance products but also with amazing people, this again goes back to work ethics and the atmosphere in general.

Sephora make-up training, known as Science of Sephora, SOS for short, has taught me so many things. The basic techniques for applying lip products to even creating a simple smokey-eye and knowledge on brands of color (make-up) and skin-care. The videos shown to us are energetic and animated that I feel as if I can go to work loving it every day, which I will and currently am. Let's hope this feeling stays with me forever! Having said all of this, you can clearly tell how excited and passionate I am about Sephora and what it means to me to just work there!

So having said all of this, it's clear that I can now say with confidence: I CAN DO MAKE-UP!

Now let's open this blog to the world of beauty and what it has to offer, not limited myself to the beauty of fit and styling but now enhancements and enchantments for the face and skin!

So are you ready? BEAUTY SET GO!

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