Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mouse in the House

I know, I'm a horrible person. I lied that this would be up weeks ago on Instagram but I am now just posting it. To be honest I FORGOT, that and school and work possessed me. Now that I have some freedom from my current affairs I can now jot down and make this post. Kalima, Ayisha, and I went downtown to the Gypsy Cafe for poetry night and to be frank, I loved it. This was something new and different and the performers (musicians and speakers) were incredible. I have to say, despite being in Tulsa, I was so unknown to how many talented people there were here. I guess you just have to venture out and find them. Aside from that I also got a new haircut! Its shorter than before and the shortest I have ever gone since a gazillion years ago! This was all done by the lovely Maddie at Paul Cromeans Walk-In Salon here in Tulsa on Brookside! I tell you the service there is worth the $20 for hair cut! I love it and I am now a loyal client lol! Anyways for the pictures, let's begin with weird poses and traditional leg cross, right!? I need to do something else in my photos but oh well, here is the coordinate! Enjoy :)

Also I got a tan because I got sick of looking yellow, like light yellow. So glow with me?

Top- Mickey Mouse Tee from Forever 21 // Bottoms- Forever 21 shorts // Shoes- Creepers/Platforms from Ebay // Hat- No7 Paris from Image // Accessories- Sunglasses from mall stand, Dolce & Gabbana 

Sunday, May 31, 2015



I'm just kidding, my birthday isn't all that special, it was last year since it was also on Mother's Day lol. Damn those MILF though, stealing my shine and glory, reducing me to dust in the process. If you didn't know, I'm vain and narcissistic (I'm really not, I was channeling my inner diva, I promise I won't do it again anytime soon!). But aside from that, I've missed blogging, I feel so out of the loop and out-of-place that my skills, if I had any, are rusty at this point! UGH! But please bear with me, I'm getting back into my zone and vibe with the wonders of blogging! Anyhow, because I am rusty and shit, I'm just gonna cut to the point that I would love to thank my besties Ayisha and Kalima for taking the time out of their busy schedule to make it to my birthday dinner at Zanmai! I appreciated it so much and even both Dezi and Karina, dear friends of mines made it as well. Others were wither too busy or forgot (?) or maybe chose not to come, but I'm not mad or salty :p. Lol, and now straight to the point, I took pictures all thanks to the lovely Lauren, who I must thanks a billion times for making it out for me. Even with my hectic scheduele and what not she was so patient and nice that I couldn't ask for a more qualified and wonderful person to share the day with! Thank you Lauren for taking my pictures! And as always, I'm so awkward that I didn't know what to expect and pose (that one weird leg post thingy I did in many photos, as you'll see hahaha), aside from that my hair was messed up (I need a HAIRCUT! Which I will do this week!) thanks to humidity and sweat that ensured this day. But I did my best in stressed times (I finally know how anxiety and stress feels like LOL! Yay me, experiencing new things HAHAHAH). So here it is! ENJOY!

 Top- Los Angeles Boy Sweater from Forever 21 // Bottoms- Rue 21 Zippered Skinnies // Shoes- Metallic Gold Creepers/Platforms from Forever 21

Disclaimer: God, this updated post was horrible, but it's a start!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Make-Up Fever

Currently, I am very busy at the moment with work and Sephora training! Yes that's right, I got the job at SEPHORA, the most innovative place for all things beautiful and on trend. I must say that I am loving every moment of training that I have received by the beauty educators sent by Sephora! They are super nice and helpful, plus they treat us (my team) with gratis (free goodies)! So how cool is that?! Not only am I getting paid to learn but also I get free stuff! I can't say how much I love this company! You know what? I might actually stay with the company for some time in the future and work my way up into corporate and hopefully become their spokesperson or something along that line that lets me meet with different powerful figures behind some of the most prestige brands, like Nars, Benefit, Ole Henriksen (skincare, not make-up), etc.

Personally, although I am starting my first beauty job with Sephora, I can already say that nothing can compare and never will, I feel as if other contenders such as Mac and their counter-top stores pale in comparison, both in selections but also the ethics behind such an advance beauty company. Sephora training is by far the most easiest yet intense training I have ever been through, although it is the first training I've been too. But the lasting impression that Sephora has given me has made me a lover even more to the company than before. I feel as if I can never part with the company because it is so tailored with advance products but also with amazing people, this again goes back to work ethics and the atmosphere in general.

Sephora make-up training, known as Science of Sephora, SOS for short, has taught me so many things. The basic techniques for applying lip products to even creating a simple smokey-eye and knowledge on brands of color (make-up) and skin-care. The videos shown to us are energetic and animated that I feel as if I can go to work loving it every day, which I will and currently am. Let's hope this feeling stays with me forever! Having said all of this, you can clearly tell how excited and passionate I am about Sephora and what it means to me to just work there!

So having said all of this, it's clear that I can now say with confidence: I CAN DO MAKE-UP!

Now let's open this blog to the world of beauty and what it has to offer, not limited myself to the beauty of fit and styling but now enhancements and enchantments for the face and skin!

So are you ready? BEAUTY SET GO!

Monday, March 30, 2015


I'm sorry!

I apologize for the lack of updates. At the moment I am currently busy with work and school! Be do not worry, there will be more coordinates I have already worn and styled to be shared on my blog!

Keep the dream alive,
kingbeebee ♥

Friday, March 13, 2015

This Calls For A Celebration

Late, but better late than never right? :)

Happy Birthday STEPHANY!

Had to edit our bestie's (Kim) face because I don't think she would approve of me putting pictures of her on here. :(
The gang though, reunited ♥
Happy birthday Stephany! I love you, best friend! You little HEE (inappropriate word in my language). The night was celebrated with close ones with whom we all shared together to make it truly her day! This day was so special that I tried to keep the spirit in her name (what can I say, I'm one of the life in the party if not the only ;p). Being me, I'm so bad with words, so I won't go into depth of how much I love my best friend and try to convey them into words, but she's not just my best best best best bestttttttttttttttttt (exaggeration to infinity, if I could) but also whom I consider one of my family member, a sister... sista lol. So those movies with you know those cliche line "words can't describe how much I love you" type of shit, basically it's going to be applied to this, and I don't care, I don't need words to show this bitch I love her, she already know wassup since day one! Or when we first met, since you know we weren't born with the same mom and uterus and year, okay okay you get the idea now. So to Stephany guys! Happy 21st birthday little bean, love you muchoooooo.

Anyways, back to the drill, enjoy these crappy photos because I have yet to find a good photographer at a reasonable price. Actually I found one, a very cute girl, but she's in another city and won't work with me until the summer. So I guess it'll be summer time fine for me once I get that bomb A photography going on. But my i-Phone camera will do for now, until then suffer with me. Jk, enjoy :)

Also thank you Kim for trying your best to take this under no light. Applaud, but I'm not exactly satisfied >.> lol

Top- White Button up from Dillards & Military Style Coat from Macy & Gold Statement Piece/Chain from Wetseal // Bottoms- Wet Seal Black Skinnies & Forever 21 Tan Faux Leather Belt // Hair Band- Wet Seal Purple Flower Crown/Headband // Shoes- Ebay Seller from China = Black And White Creepers/Platforms

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Too Cool For School

B is for BEE!

It's already 7 weeks into this semester and I just want it to end already! So far I am only making all B's in each class, I'm not complaining, I actually like that better than an A. I love all my classes but my god, homework is just the bane to my existence, I never have any motivation to do homework after school. Everything I get home I just want to sleeeeeeppp then eat. That's all I do, sleep and eat, repeat. But I must say, this semester of school has got to be my favorite, not only have I have the best professors, I've meet some super awesome new people at school. I know it sounds childish, but meeting new people always makes me feel.... idk, happy, lol. Corny, weird, stupid, or however it sounds, I just love to make new friends and seeing people faces. I can't not one day go without any social interaction (extrovert, if you can't tell :D, yay to me lol). 

Aside from the classes, today seemed to be my lucky day! I ran into Kim, one of my best friends who I managed to sweet talk into taking photos for me. (I have yet to find a photographer at a cost friendly price, especially for a struggling college student. Damn, I need a job, but no one wants me </3) So as always, I am currently using my i-Phone to take my photos, the quality is nothing to be wowwed about nor is it the best, but its the only thing I have to work with. Poor me. I need to go ask around and be more productive. Funny, I never have money to spend for the majority of things, but I always have money when it comes to purchasing clothing and related items. I know it makes no sense, but it happens. Must be the work of god or something all related. 

So as I was taking my photos, there were students walking by and I tell you, it is so awkward to do any sort of poses, most of what I took today came out looking awkward (you'll see below soon). But I have to thank Kimmy so much, I lalalalalalala loveeeeeee you! From Gotham City to here (Gotham City is fictional so it's equivalent to like infinity, at least to me it is.) I felt as if I've been cheated today! I never knew Kim could take photos, she took some pretty darn good photos or at least to my standard! It was all just a perfect day, minus the chilly weather, I'm a spring baby so I live in the 77 degrees warm weather, that is where I thrive. Once again, thank you so much Kim! She's suppose to be making me jewelry as a side business soon, can't wait until she gives me some of her craft pieces or is that consider a sponsorship? Since I am going to promote her business. 

Anyways, many have complemented me on my style today, I felt so cute and flattered inside (vain me). So here are the photos, enjoy guys. :)

Top- Button up and Cadigan from Forever 21 & Peacoat from Macy's // Bottoms- Wet Seal Black Skinnies // Hair Band- Forever 21 Blue and White Flexible Hair Bow // Shoes- Forever 21 Loafers

Friday, February 20, 2015

Galaxy Boy

Teaserrrrrr. Read or scroll down to see the photos, enjoy. I just wanted to share this edit photo I did. Lol it seems right. xD

Me and Ketsana woke up late today and got ready, snail pace. Half of our time consist of making stupid videos on Snapchat, OMG, I tell you it was so freaking funny! I was dying! God, we are so dumb. I swear, everyone who meet us always comment on our free spirit and energetic persona due to the fact that we're so laid back and down to earth, not to mention fun! By fun I mean crazy fun, like those friends who'll do the stupidest things just to get the vibe positive. But Ketsana is way worse than I am. She's like real "bad bitch" material and I'm basic. Big laugh there. So after we got done getting ready we waited on my mom and dad to return back from doing god knows what they do, it took them 20 freaking minutes! I kept blowing their phones up because I had to get the F out of the house so I can meet up with Ketsana's step mom and eat at a pho restaurant.

The reason I couldn't leave was because I didn't have the key to the house, there's only one lock and its the top lock. I know right, how stupid of a door to only have one key hole. After complaining to my parents and basically throwing a prince-fit they told me to go and make a copy of the key. Like wtf, why couldn't you guys have done that before but until now? Jeeze, I don't know what they're thinking something but they need to think ahead. I mean I'm not smart, but come on! So after I got the key from my step-dad, Ketsana sped to the pho restaurant with heavy traffic, I freaking hate traffic, so many people cannot drive it just pisses me off. When we arrived, we waited on Sao Va and she went to a different pho place, it just made everything worse. Me and Ketsana were already starving and when we starve we get angry and irritated at every little thing. Hulk-like or Lumpy Space Princess kind of angry.

But all was good the minute we arrived at the correct pho place and eat. I eat soooooo fast, felt as if I never hate before (I know I know, there are kids and people around the world who are less fortunate and I shouldn't take that for granted. But come on, first-world problem. Sorry if I'm selfish, I'm not, I swear!). After we ate we went to Wal-Mart and made copies of my house key, I made a Mickey Mouse key. Yay me, I love Disney so much and Mickey Mouse! I'm still a baby. I also bought a new lamp for my room and Ketsana bought me a shoe rack and got herself some Real Technique makeup brushes. 

I'm going to cut to the real fun, maybe some of you guys don't enjoy reading my nonsense and would rather see my pictures instead, so here it is. 

I'm out of this world, bitch!

Top- Hot Topic Galaxy Button Tee & Vintage Greyish Brown Jacket // Bottoms- Forever 21 Classic Skinny Ankles // Hat- California Snapback from Wet Seal // Shoes- Forever 21 Creepers


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