Wednesday, February 18, 2015

All About That Bass

NO! This is not about that Meghan Trainor song, despite the title! Goddd, I do not like that song but the title seemed perfect.

Late entry! I meant to make this post as my introductory mark for my blog long ago, but I felt that my other post seemed more fitting for a first impression type of thing and it felt more.... idk better lol. Now getting straight to the point, Excision had a tour and happened to appear in Tulsa for yet another year, February 12, 2015 *fist pumps*. ExcisionTulsa ftw! I saw him last year along with other artists who performed on the same night but except this time it was Prototype and Minnesota joining him (please excuse my bad memory, I'm not sure if they were the same artist with him last year... so yeah. If they were, ignore me and continue on). My god, the crowd was crazy and wild, even more so than last year! The music was so good that it had me in a euphoric state (no, I didn't do drugs prior to going. I was just tipsy.... maybe borderline drunk and that's ALL!). The bass was so strong and the hard-pumping beats kept my body wanting more and more, it even vibrated my every being! I swear, it was that strong. This show reminded me  why I love edm shows and the music in general. It's different from the music you hear in other genres, the dj's/artists that put on these electrifying shows do so in a way that connects with their audiences. It seems so authentic rather than a puppet who's strings are being pulled. I'm not sure if that made sense or not. But it does for me, I can't really explain them in text as I can in words.

I spent most of the duration of the night at the show with my cousin Ketsana and Alleyah. Those girls are so much fun to hang out with. I mean I normally hang out with my cousin Ketsana (we're practically inseparable and known for our expressive nature :P) but it felt so organic to also hang out with Alleyah. I mean, the last time I hung out with her was the first time I also met her: she was drunk. Plain and simple and still to this day she does not recall that night. A big LOL! God I love that girl! Girl if you're reading this post/blog know that I miss you and get back down to T-Town for another night of fun, me and Ketsana miss your crazy ass. I would also like to say, it was nice seeing friends from school and online at the show. I just love seeing people, I'm a social butterfly that'll never stop flapping its wings lol.
Gosh, I love friends and family. Eve and Christofer,  I love both of you cuties, forever and forever. I was so happy to randomly bump into you guys in the crowds. You two are so fabulous and kawaii and all that cute stuff.
But must I repeat myself, the show was intense! The ambient light shows accompanied by fogs effect and random people spraying water (and beer/liquor) to the crowd to cool the sweaty people was exhilarating. I just love the environment I was in! The floor underneath me felt as if I was in a trampoline house, but it also felt as if it were about to collapse due to so many people jumping. Writing this down is so sad, I wish I had time-traveling powers so I could revisit that show and experience it all over again. Sadly, all I can do now is brief my experience down. *sigh* What a pity.

A few pics taken at Excision's tour in Tulsa (excuse the different shades of quality within these photos. Photos were taken from a variation of different phones, some good and some bad).

Brought to you by Snapchat, hahahhaha. Why so serious? *shrugs*

I was to have found the Cookie Monster here.

Girls will be girls.

Me and Alleyah ♥

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