Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mouse in the House

I know, I'm a horrible person. I lied that this would be up weeks ago on Instagram but I am now just posting it. To be honest I FORGOT, that and school and work possessed me. Now that I have some freedom from my current affairs I can now jot down and make this post. Kalima, Ayisha, and I went downtown to the Gypsy Cafe for poetry night and to be frank, I loved it. This was something new and different and the performers (musicians and speakers) were incredible. I have to say, despite being in Tulsa, I was so unknown to how many talented people there were here. I guess you just have to venture out and find them. Aside from that I also got a new haircut! Its shorter than before and the shortest I have ever gone since a gazillion years ago! This was all done by the lovely Maddie at Paul Cromeans Walk-In Salon here in Tulsa on Brookside! I tell you the service there is worth the $20 for hair cut! I love it and I am now a loyal client lol! Anyways for the pictures, let's begin with weird poses and traditional leg cross, right!? I need to do something else in my photos but oh well, here is the coordinate! Enjoy :)

Also I got a tan because I got sick of looking yellow, like light yellow. So glow with me?

Top- Mickey Mouse Tee from Forever 21 // Bottoms- Forever 21 shorts // Shoes- Creepers/Platforms from Ebay // Hat- No7 Paris from Image // Accessories- Sunglasses from mall stand, Dolce & Gabbana 

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