Friday, February 20, 2015

Galaxy Boy

Teaserrrrrr. Read or scroll down to see the photos, enjoy. I just wanted to share this edit photo I did. Lol it seems right. xD

Me and Ketsana woke up late today and got ready, snail pace. Half of our time consist of making stupid videos on Snapchat, OMG, I tell you it was so freaking funny! I was dying! God, we are so dumb. I swear, everyone who meet us always comment on our free spirit and energetic persona due to the fact that we're so laid back and down to earth, not to mention fun! By fun I mean crazy fun, like those friends who'll do the stupidest things just to get the vibe positive. But Ketsana is way worse than I am. She's like real "bad bitch" material and I'm basic. Big laugh there. So after we got done getting ready we waited on my mom and dad to return back from doing god knows what they do, it took them 20 freaking minutes! I kept blowing their phones up because I had to get the F out of the house so I can meet up with Ketsana's step mom and eat at a pho restaurant.

The reason I couldn't leave was because I didn't have the key to the house, there's only one lock and its the top lock. I know right, how stupid of a door to only have one key hole. After complaining to my parents and basically throwing a prince-fit they told me to go and make a copy of the key. Like wtf, why couldn't you guys have done that before but until now? Jeeze, I don't know what they're thinking something but they need to think ahead. I mean I'm not smart, but come on! So after I got the key from my step-dad, Ketsana sped to the pho restaurant with heavy traffic, I freaking hate traffic, so many people cannot drive it just pisses me off. When we arrived, we waited on Sao Va and she went to a different pho place, it just made everything worse. Me and Ketsana were already starving and when we starve we get angry and irritated at every little thing. Hulk-like or Lumpy Space Princess kind of angry.

But all was good the minute we arrived at the correct pho place and eat. I eat soooooo fast, felt as if I never hate before (I know I know, there are kids and people around the world who are less fortunate and I shouldn't take that for granted. But come on, first-world problem. Sorry if I'm selfish, I'm not, I swear!). After we ate we went to Wal-Mart and made copies of my house key, I made a Mickey Mouse key. Yay me, I love Disney so much and Mickey Mouse! I'm still a baby. I also bought a new lamp for my room and Ketsana bought me a shoe rack and got herself some Real Technique makeup brushes. 

I'm going to cut to the real fun, maybe some of you guys don't enjoy reading my nonsense and would rather see my pictures instead, so here it is. 

I'm out of this world, bitch!

Top- Hot Topic Galaxy Button Tee & Vintage Greyish Brown Jacket // Bottoms- Forever 21 Classic Skinny Ankles // Hat- California Snapback from Wet Seal // Shoes- Forever 21 Creepers

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