Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sophisticated Amatuer

Starting today/tonight, this will be my first entry on this blog! Woohoo! Hahahah, very lame and cheesy, I know but please bear with me. Also I would like to say one thing before I ramble on more: please excuse the crappy camera QUALITY! I know so many who love pictures with the best quality there is, those captured by professional cameras and such. This was done last minute with an iphone 5 camera, so the quality of such isn't close to as what you would get with a Canon or Nikon camera. Sadly, I still haven't heard nears from a fashion photographer I emailed yesterday about inquires as to how much she would charge to start taking pictures for me and just working together to build a portfolio. 

Anyways this photo, as mentioned, was taken with my iphone 5 by my cousin Niko! Not too bad on his part, he managed to please me with his photo taking skills, since not many can actually take pictures when it is raining and freezing balls cold as well as being forced to do so :p I'm the best cousin I swear (hint hint: sarcasm). Anyways this day was all brought together by Auntie O, a very beautiful and sweet mother to my cousins. I swear to god she is amazing! So understanding and just plain o' cool, you know, like those one cool aunt that everybody has (possibly more) but she sure is one of them, for sure! She paid for six meals all at some high scale price (or at least I consider it so, I'm broke so bear with me, the name of the place is Logan's Roadhouse), that a broke ass college student such as myself would cringed at upon seeing the bill, especially if I had to pay for all six people! WTF, thank you, not! So thank you so much, Auntie O for buying me food! Cause you know I love to eat, thanks to my high metabolism that keeps me wanting MORE and MORE! I'm a fat ass, I may not look like it but I sure qualify as one.

Back to the point, this is my OOTN (Outfit Of The Night), ignore my canvas white face induced by flash and awkward poses. People were in and out of the restaurant, so it was really awkward and just plain embarrassing. But hopefully you enjoy! Love whoever takes the time to read this.... or NOT! :x

(The weather is now snowing and sleeting. GREAT!)

My cousin didn't want her face to be shown yet. So I replaced it with an equivalent image. xD lmfao.

Top- PINK Varsity Tee & JC Penney's Blazer // Bottoms- Forever 21 Classic Skinny Jeans (Grey) // Hat- Fedora from Wet Seal // Shoes- Forever 21 Loafers  


  1. Ah I had a comment but it didnt save! I loooove the outfit! The Fedora adds that bang to it as well! Makes me wanna grab one myself. ;) Can't wait to see what you've got for us next!

    1. Thank you so much, Raven! I can always send you a Fedora as a gift ;). That if you want. Hahahah.

      Miss and love you so much. Thank you for your kind comment. ♥




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